Cerebral Palsy Resources

Having a child with CP has been one of the most grace filling, and terrifying experiences in my life. From learning new ways to help my son navigate the world, to understanding how his body and mind communicate to each other, I’ve spent hours researching, reading and discussing with experts what steps I can take to improve his prognosis and quality of life. I want to provide, in an on-going basis, some of these resources that I’ve found essential to creating a lifestyle that is manageable for the whole family.

It’s never easy to have a child with special needs, regardless of the severity, and we say thanks every day for what God has given us – an amazing boy who we love so deeply. Please check out the resources below:

1) I’ve found this site to be pretty accurate about what Cerebral Palsy is and it provides various support structures for parents. http://cerebralpalsy.org/

2) Early Intervention varies from state to state but here is a good page to inform yourself about the program.  http://www.kidsource.com/kidsource/content/early.intervention.html

3) If you’re using AFO’s these socks are amazing!

4) Newbalance shoes, extra wide, are amazing when using AFO’s. These can be found online, usually pretty reasonable pricing. 

5) Some other sites of note:


Getting Disability coverage for your dependent:




OPWDD – Office of People with Developmental Disabilities

PHCP – Physically Handicap Program

**This page contains no affiliate links and I do not see a dime when you click on them, so please look around!**

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