Who We Are


Hi there! I’m Mandy, a young mother to three young children, and wife to the love of my life Joe. As my young family has grown I’ve become fascinated with homesteading, healthy eating and living, being an advocated for my son and encouraging other mothers of special needs children.

In the past eight years we’ve had four children, one is in heaven with our Lord, moved six times, renovated an 1890’s victorian duplex while living in it and taught ourselves what little we know of homesteading and what it means to be self-sufficient. It’s been a journey, and sometimes we’ve gone down roads we didn’t even know existed, learning about ourselves in new and challenging ways, but all this time our faith, passion and family has kept up going.

Now in this new chapter of our lives, in a new city, we are looking to find that delicate balance not always easy to strike. That balance of living in a modern world that has the mindset of louder, faster and bigger, while still seeking out and living a life based in simplicity, hard work, self-sufficiency and Catholic values, until we can find that perfect patch of land to call home.

I am no expert but I hope you’ll journey with me as I write honestly about my passions, insights, experiences, and skills picked up along the way! It’s going to be touch and go with this whole blogging thing, raising kids is a busy business!!! However, I hope you’ll tag along and enjoy this wacky, beautiful, challenging and incredible journey with us!

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