Victorian Renovation: The Kitchen Before, During and After – Part 1

In looking for a new home we knew we wanted a bigger kitchen, and plenty of space to cook, bake and can all at once if we needed or wanted to! Joe and I get into these moments where we cook and put food by the entire evening. It’s great fun and I love how toasty the house can get from a productive evening of baking squash and canning tomatoes. Our first home had a postage stamp of a kitchen, one person could stand in the middle of it, stretch their arms and nearly or actually touch all the walls around them!

So when we saw our current residence we looked beyond the threadbare floors, walls that made no sense and storm doors placed inside as actual doors!. It was daunting the task we considered undertaking but once we saw what could be and the excitement of making something our own, of improving an old tired house and making it loved once more, that fear went away. The day after we closed on the house, we began our journey into making a new kitchen, here are the before photos! And share your DIY moments in the comments below!

After about about two weeks we made it to this point in the demolition phase: Walls were coming down, the dumpster we rented had been emptied once already, my hammer was officially lost (and subsequently not found until weeks after we finished) and the kids were restless as we stayed over at a family friend’s house. We started to feel and think “What the hell were we THINKING!”

Fortunately we started to make some progress!! Check out the next few weeks in Part 2, and see Part 3 and Part 4.


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