Victorian Renovation: Before and After of the Upstairs Apartment

As you may know we purchased our second home, at a steal, a kind of stepping stone for us, in July. This house needed a lot of TLC, some walls needed to be moved, and floors redone, tiles put down. Think demolition then rebuilding of a kitchen and that’s just about half of what we did. Part of this entire process, which we are still living, was to completely fix up the upstairs apartment and make it ready for renting. Not an easy task given that when you walked in initially you had to hold your breath due to smells of animals and other unknowns. The dust was monumental and the clutter extreme but we somehow saw past it to what we have now and couldn’t be more pleased!

So here is the beginning of what we experience and worked on:

And be sure to share you DIY moments in the comments below!

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Here is the result!! after about 5 months, with painting, scrapping, having new carpet put in, a new roof on the house, new windows, new tiling put down and cleaning nearly every surface you could imagine existed in a house, we are DONE (with the upstairs at least)! We did it all and hired out a few things to, but looking back through the exhaustion of late nights and really sore hands, feet, backs from all the painting, scrapping and lifting, it was well worth the work. The icing on the cake is that shortly after we finished this renovation we were able to rent it out to a wonderful couple, covering our mortgage, and freeing us up to put that money towards paying down expenses for the renovation and ultimately growing our savings!

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3 thoughts on “Victorian Renovation: Before and After of the Upstairs Apartment

    1. Thanks! It took a lot out of us but we’ve really enjoyed it too! e did furnish the apartment, from hand-me-downs and reused furniture that was in fantastic condition 🙂

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