7 Quick Takes on Demolition, Community, Facebook, and Being Catholic


Our move from our 900 sq ft house started with little fanfare but after three days of packing and hauling boxes across town it ended in a huge pile of miscellaneous items and lots of tears saying “goodbye.” We may have been leaving for better opportunity and more space, but that little home was just that, our home and we became a family in that house. J and C both came home from the hospital there, learned to walk and play there. It was hard to say goodbye, but on the day we passed the keys to the new owner, I knew it was right. We had made a wonderful decision and were jumping at the chance to get the new house we had just became owners of off to a great start. It’s been three months since we moved and I still can’t believe all the changes that have occurred for this family!


Moving within a city really highlights for me just how important a community really is to a person. When we moved here from Washington D.C. those long three years ago (feels more like a lifetime ago) I was hopelessly lost and pretty down. I knew no one except my birth instructor, realtor and my husband’s co-workers. I had gone from a vibrant co-living situation with various individuals and very little privacy to no one around barely ever. I had become good friends with netflix and at 6 plus months pregnant with my first, J., didn’t feel this urge to go out meet a ton of people. This move, staying in the same city, seeing the same friends, knowing the same roads, I just can’t explain the relief it has provided. I know my son will still receive the same quality services for his CP, we eat dinner with the same friends, drive on the same streets (mostly) and I have the same support system in place. To that effect that support system was my lifeline this summer, so thank you all…you know who you are!


I have come to the conclusion that I have taken a ton of photos of our renovation of the house. Between the downstairs unit we are calling home and the upstairs to be rented out, I just have a ton of pictures! I am still processes a way to share a good portion with everyone without it being an endless parade of photos with no end in sight. So until then I’ll share a few here and do my best to explain what they are or what is happening.

I love this sink! Since our dishwasher is still not working two months in, this sink has been great. It’s even better for canning 🙂
Installing a door to our bedroom. Hurray for privacy – except for the hole in the wall!


There is this love/hate relationship I have been supporting with Facebook lately. I love love love that Facebook provides for me many communities with whom I can communicate various situations that I need advice on, or can commiserate about something with someone who has been there. FB has provided me relief from other parents who have children with CP, and has helped me keep up with old friends (who by the way are having the cutest babies ever!!!). FB is also something I hate. If I’m not careful it can suck away my time and steal moments from me that I know better than to pass by. I have to be in control and walk away but there are times (more than I’d like to admit) where 5 minutes turns into 45 in just a blink. Sure keeping up with things on FB can be fun but it means I’m not outside, or not engaging with my husband in the evening or [insert action here]. It’s dangerous. If anything I’m trying really hard to be good about being on only once or twice a day. When I do that, or even go a whole day without checking FB I find I feel more free and worry less. It’s amazing!


Similar to the last topic, I run a FB page you can find it here. I’ve had dilemmas in the past about what it’s purpose is beyond driving traffic to this blog, what little traffic I can muster! Over the life of this blog, which is barely 10 months old, I’ve been tweaking and deciding what my purpose is here. I’ve realized it’s simply to share, as best as I can share in words, what life is like for this family. Going against the grain and not pursuing a typical path to freedom and happy living. I realized I want my FB to supplement that and provide a place for people to come and share their goals in their life, what they hope to achieve, how they are getting there and their daily struggles (still figuring out a tactful way to do this last one). It’s not easy, this life and everyone makes sacrifices, I just hope this blog and FB provide some hope and motivation that anything is possible!


My son, J., started preschool this past September and it has been a wild ride between getting ourselves adjusted to a new schedule, to him being exhausted in a good way after I pick him up. We struggled at first with his IEP and ensuring that he had all the services he needed to navigate safely in his environment. After 3 plus weeks back and forth with the school district we live in (J goes to a private school in town) we were able to prove his need for a 1-1 aid and she finally started yesterday!! I did a happy dance for all the ways my son will now have personal assistance. For those of you who ever have to fight for your kid for anything, however small, keep at it! They need you to be an advocate for when they can’t be, stick with it, don’t keep quiet and don’t be afraid of making waves. I know if I hadn’t called the school district nearly everyday we may still be waiting for this aid for J.


I became Catholic 3 1/2 years ago, when I was 5 months pregnant with my son. In the coming months I hope to add a tab on this blog about my faith, the journey to it, the struggles of it and why I even bother when sometimes I still can feel like it would be easier to just not care and walk away. So stay tuned! Oh and for those who read that I was reading Rediscover Catholicism, I lost the book for two months but found it shoved in a corner, this afternoon, so hoping to share some insights again soon!!


One thought on “7 Quick Takes on Demolition, Community, Facebook, and Being Catholic

  1. So good to see a post from you 🙂 Glad to hear all of your updates! I hear ya about the Facebook thing – I know so many people who have given it up completely, but I feel there’s enough good there to maintain it; that is, if I can learn to use it responsibly! It’s even more tough not to check in constantly now that I can access it on m phone. Incidentally, I was just reading a great section tonight in one of Matthew Kelly’s other books (The Rhythm of Life) that talks about how all of us have addictions (by his definition, checking Facebook all the time fits!) and he describes how mastering those gives us true freedom, just as you mentioned feeling (and I have felt too) on the days with minimal mindless scrolling 🙂

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