7 Quick Takes on Going Back to School, Painting a house, CP and Packing with Kids


As some of you may know, I’ve decided to go back to school for my Bachelors in Nursing. 5 years ago I earned a Bachelors in Biology, with some minors thrown in for fun! At the time I graduated I had absolutely no clue what I wanted to do and by the grace of God I found an amazing job at the National Academies of the Sciences, such a prestigious and amazing organization, and a cool history too so check that out sometime.

During that time I found my confidence that was sucked from me during the drudgery of schooling, and papers and exams. School is not really my cup of tea. So when I decided to go back for school, having a husband and two kids in tow I was ,and let’s be honest, I still am nervous! This is a huge step for us as a family and for me. This is a fabulous chance for me to establish a career that will be with me beyond the child rearing years, provide extra financial stability and grow as a person. I’ve already taken the plunge with getting some prerequisites out of the way, so wish me luck!


The drama of buying a home never ceases to amaze me! We are perhaps a week away from closing on the home we currently live in, although we can’t get a date out of anyone. Then there is the house we are purchasing. It’s a multi-family home with just two units. The upstairs unit has 2 beds, 1 bath as does the downstairs unit and they both need some TLC!

This past Thursday, we received information that the appraiser wanted the house we are closing on to have any peeling paint scraped and then paint over those surfaces again. Yay FHA loans…. We did the FHA so we would have more funds on hand for the reno project we decided to buy, but that could be another story. Regardless, the current owner doesn’t have the funds to fix this issue, as they have had many deaths in the family in the past year and are having financial problems due to this and unloading of estates (one soon to be ours!). So we have taken it upon ourselves to get this done so we can actually move in this month to start the other projects that need to be done, like the kitchen and floors in our unit and basically scrub every surface and replace flooring in the unit above. Don’t get me started on the outside….10419516_1439332379663695_245154995125930828_n


My son J has mild CP and there are some days I don’t even give it a second thought. However today we received in the mail his IEP for his upcoming year in preschool. Every time something like this comes in the mail I am reminded that my little boy has a few more hurdles to get over than a typically developing child. It’s a brief feeling that I don’t ever share with J but I feel a bit sad and wish he could just do what he wanted to do instead of feel so much frustration. I know one day we will be there but why couldn’t we just have a little taste of it today?


I have taken up reading again. Perhaps this is a happy side-effect of taking a class but I started a book and my mind is all buzzed waiting for a chance to start the next chapter. I’ve started the book Rediscover Catholicism and I am pleasantly surprised by how quickly Matthew Kelly gets to the point. This book really reminds me of some of the books I read before I became a Catholic, in terms of the joyous tone the writing takes on as well as the matter of fact elements. I’m sure I’ll have a post about thoughts on it in the future so stay tuned if interested. Better yet go get yourself a copy and join in the conversation happening down the road!


Taking a class again has reawakened my use of language. I’m using words I’m pretty sure haven’t seen the light of day in my vocabulary in the last 2 years. Kids have a way of taking time you’d otherwise be devoting to expanding said vocabulary, exhausting you beyond the point of reason, then expecting you to explain to them in toddler logic “why” something is the way it is. Basically you learn the value of simplification, and in the process might lose some complex words along the way. So here’s to reviving the variety of language that comes out of my mouth. Seriously I’m very excited I feel like an adult again!


Our garden is in full swing and we have many many delicious vegetables and fruits on the horizon. J this year has been all about weeding, and thankfully has spared a vast majority of the seedlings growing earlier this spring. One of the fruits that are starting to ripen are the wild black raspberries. We took C out there the other day and started to pick them, and she was on them like white on rice. One bite and her face changed, next we knew she was grabbing fist fulls of berries and shoving them in her tiny mouth, chipmunk style. Wish I had a picture to share, but just try to imagine red juice all over a shirt, and big smile. Yeah I love growing our own food, nothing compares.


Not sure I’ve mentioned this enough, but we’re moving. So I may have said this a few times in the past post or so but it’s a big life event for us and J is acutely aware that a change is coming. We have discussed that we are moving to a “new” house, and that all of our things are coming with us. Being nearly three, I can see J’s thoughts flash across his eyes as he is calculating what is being said to him. To help ease the transition I though it might be best to help him pack a box or two.

To date we’ve successfully packed half a box, unpacked it twice, colored our names on it, then mommy has written actual words on it, packed it again, then mommy sneakily finished packing it, taped it and moved it away. So packing with kids is a one step forward, one step back and two steps in opposite directions at the same time kind of thing.  Who knew! We’re getting there in the packing department but usually when Joe is home!


2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes on Going Back to School, Painting a house, CP and Packing with Kids

  1. I am so impressed with everything you are doing (and doing so well!) We had a “packing with kids” session at our house today, too–I totally understand! Ours mostly involved me packing while the girls colored and put stickers all over the boxes, so it actually went more smoothly than I expected!

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