When Life Gives You Oranges…

It’s an image I can’t seem to get out of my head. “When life gives you lemons make lemonade” as the saying goes, but that implies something sour that you’re making sweet. Our situation isn’t the same, we have oranges, sweet, tangy, delicious oranges, but we need a change. So bring on the orange juice!

Let me back up a bit and explain. You see, about 7 or 8 months ago, my husband and I decided that our current financial situation wasn’t tenable for the long term for various reasons. We have two kids, one income and other concerns, so our situation warranted a change; we needed to move onward and up. However we love where we live, the community, the people, our garden, yard, the drive into town, the culture, the natural beauty, etc. I really could go on and on but I will spare you! With all this in mind Joe started the tedious process of looking for new employment in a new field that would provide a better financial outcome while still allowing us to, eventually, pursue our dreams of having a homestead of sorts. Let’s just say that our plans were derailed a bit, and delightfully so.

These oranges, sweet with a touch of tang, proved to be too much to leave alone, and I guess God thought so as well. This community, friends, and location are all things that have drawn us in, and allowed us to call this town home. So in turn we are making some delicious orange juice and not the way we imagined. You see, every amazing opportunity that arose dissipated almost as quickly, but lingered long enough for the next to come into it’s place. This lasted for the duration of Joe’s job searching, allowing for a beautiful discernment period where we were able to determine what we truly wanted in life. Life is more than following the job, earning good money and seeking out professional fulfillment. Now hear me clearly, those are not bad things in the slightest, but they are not everything either. God closed those doors to new jobs for good reason, and in their place laid out this amazing plan which I can finally share (I’ve only been waiting for weeks on end!!).

A plan materialized almost as soon as the final opportunity for Joe vanished. I’d being going back to school to get my BSN (Bachelors in Nursing), much sooner than we had planned, while Joe garnered more experience in his field and had a chance to properly grow, professionally speaking, while continuing his very important work in ministry. The kids are young enough and we are too for that matter, that this would be an excellent time to dive into the world of being overworked on every end. I mean we are going to be wiped out! Seriously though, this is the time to take the dive and set ourselves up properly for many years to come. We simply were too focused on what we thought was the plan to see the plan that was perfectly assembled for us.

This juice only gets sweeter! Something came into focus that we only ever briefly mentioned but was never an actual plan for us. We are moving; our house was put on the market Tuesday and by Thursday we had two offers, with  one of them accepted by Saturday. Talk about fast!!  We also located a house that would be a fantastic set-up for the short-term and in the future as a rental property, allowing us much financial security down the road, and with the option of finding that house that has the “it” factor for us (land, good size…did I mention land??). It’s a big step for us in many ways, moving, becoming landlords, pushing that homesteading dream down the road … again (uh such a heart-breaker).

Life is like this though. Plans shift and change, causing us to wonder, to question our true desires, and I am so thankful of the changes that have come our way. I never could have dreamed up this scenario we are now living!

However….I think I could get used to this juice.



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