Cleaning Hard Water Stains Naturally

One of the challenging things about living in Central New York is the hard water. I mean, I’ve had to use washing soda just to get certain detergents to really be effective; the learning curve doesn’t stop there. I’ve had one heck of a time trying to keep my sinks and bathtub looking clean, trying to remove that yellow-orange crusted coloring that occurs from the mineral deposits left behind by the water. It’s demoralizing when after just two baths my tub starts to look dirty once more!

To defeat this evil in my house I resorted to many cleaning agents that claimed to get the hard water stains while making my life easier. This was before I decided that chemicals really do impact our lives adversely and I didn’t want my children bathing in their residue. I used upwards of five different products with varying results (all at different times), and after nearly being fumigated after each attempt I just knew there had to be something better, that worked and wasn’t so toxic. Short of making said product myself, I settled on a product that claimed safer chemistry and didn’t leave me gasping, CLR Kitchen and Bath, and for a time I felt slightly better. In the back of my mind however I knew I needed to make a change, and as we’ve started down the journey of self-sufficiency, we finally have.

After creating my Natural Soft Scrub Recipe, I just had to try it on the tub. It’s the “new” cleaning agent of the moment around here and who doesn’t have the thrill of trying something new! Again, I was so impressed by the effectiveness and will never go back to using any other product laden with chemicals. I rubbed the scrub in and let it sit for 10 minutes or so, then I gave my tub a good scrub for 30 or so minutes. I suppose I’ll be sharing this concept soon on my philosophy of cleaning, but cleaning is more than just spray on, leave it and wipe away. You have to get personal with your dirt and germs, and a little elbow grease is necessary for “green” cleaning, so embrace it and expect it. Any product that tells you otherwise is not being truthful.

With that, the before and after photos:


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