Bringing Back Some Old Time Charm

For the longest time my husband and I have been sneaking into one of our kids bedrooms at night to grab our clothes for bed or after a shower. Our house is such that a typical dresser doesn’t fit very well into our room so the kids get the pleasure of hosting our wardrobes. At the time that our second child C. was born this wasn’t a huge issue, however she’s moved into the “easily startled” phase of sleeping, so sneaking in to grab a shirt or socks was cramping her little baby sleeping style. We needed a solution but didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something generic and flimsy.

Enter a friend who owns an amazing furniture store! They have all sorts of finds from yard, real estate and other sales, in one easy and convenient location, which means easy for this lady to pop in and out quickly. Among these finds are older pieces of furniture in need of some TLC and creativity. We visited one day looking for a new dresser for our room and I knew I wanted something that reminded me of days gone by, but still functional. I also think saving something that would be considered junk and refreshing it is part of being a homesteader not to mention the nostalgia for simpler times I’ve mentioned before here.

I’m so excited with how everything turned out, so here in a few photos is the transformation of a piece of furniture that we now love and puts a little charm back into our home!DSC_0549

This project took us a weekend to complete, even with two kids under three (those nap times rock!), and we were shocked at how simple and straight forward the process was for us to go through. So odds are we’ll be trying this again in the future!

After some much needed sanding, smoothing, and a debate over the handles on the drawers we got to work on fixing any major cracks and holes.


We then started to paint and it took only four or five coats to get the piece fully covered. Whew! Finally we removed the contact paper within each drawer. Why people insist on using this stuff, I’ll never know. Happily, I discovered that a blow dryer (or my case a space heater) aids in the removal of said paper, saving me many hours of scrapping.


The result of our labors is a beautiful dresser that fits perfectly into our dreams of having a charming country house, and serves a practical function as well. What have you done to bring you’re dreams to you lately? Let me know in the comments!



4 thoughts on “Bringing Back Some Old Time Charm

  1. Looks great! My wife and I have some furniture that was her mother’s as a child and it is in need of similar treatment once the weather warms up a bit. I love seeing things appreciated and re-used instead of thrown away. Again, great job!

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