How I Rock the “No-Poo” Do

Roughly a year ago, when I was pregnant with my second child, I started stumbling across this whole “no-poo” movement, which is lingo for washing your hair without conventional shampoo. I was beyond curious since I had only ever washed my hair with shampoo. Up until the “no-poo” switch, I had already started washing my hair less frequently (I have thick, wavy hair that frizzes a ton!) and noticed a nice improvement, but wasn’t willing to go beyond that step. Too complicated I thought.

After reading many stories and online blogs about this process of baking soda and apple cider vinegar I was intrigued enough to give it a shot. I mean, what could go wrong, and I had already started cutting back on regular shampoo so it wouldn’t be this horrific leap and “detox” period that is mentioned by many. Boy was I really wrong! I stuck with the routine for about 6 months and it just wasn’t working, my hair was more frizzy, less soft and it even had a slightly waxy feel to it, but only in the back (not sure about why). So needless to say I was less than impressed and went right back to washing with normal shampoo.Once again my hair was bathed in man made chemicals and I was spending $$ to do it, talk about adding insult to injury.

Jump ahead to 4 months ago and I started to look again for more natural alternatives, I just didn’t like the idea of all these toxic chemicals on my body, in the bath tub and in my house. In my search I even saw one person say they only washed their hair with warm water and was so completely jealous! I became determined to find the right fit for my hair, but there wasn’t much out there that didn’t require eggs, honey or some other odd thing. And hey, I’ve got two kids and tight budget, not wasting those things on hair right now, sorry! So I went back to the baking soda, but this time I didn’t do the ACV (apparently fruit flies love it and lay eggs in it if you don’t seal it up…ewww!)

Something no one mentioned was the need to brush your hair and I guess I had stopped since normal shampoos make it less necessary. Plus my hair gets unbelievably frizzy and loses the curl. I got the idea to look into hair brushing after trying to think of what women did before shampoo, I mean they certainly didn’t have waxy hair I bet. I remembered historical fiction books talking about women brushing their hair, and historical drama TV shows (The Tudors, Dowton Abbey, etc.) that show women grooming themselves. I thought, maybe, just maybe that’s what was missing. I walked myself down to the store and bought myself a boar bristle brush since those help move your naturally occurring oils down and away from the scalp, resulting in a less oily scalp over time.

So what do I do now? ** Check here for an updated routine**

  • Brush my hair every evening for no more than 20 minutes with boar bristle brush. I consider this some much deserved “me” time away from husband and kids!
  • Use a comb in the shower and brush my hair with it for a minute or two under warm water.
  • Give my scalp a good scrub with my fingers, while in the shower.
  • I don’t “wash” my hair every day even now.

I solved this “no-poo” dilemma to the point where I now wash with only water too!! It’s soft, and oh so shiny (see below)! Now, if I’m feeling extra grimy, then I use the baking soda mix* just for some extra cleaning power, but that’s it. So don’t be afraid to take the plunge, and do expect to have a transition period where you learn how your hair is supposed to look and feel naturally.

*EDIT: I now do not use baking soda at all but only use a diluted mix of 2/3 water and 1/3 AVC to cut the grease when there is any. I do this roughly 1-2 a month to not strip the hair to harshly.

Have fun on your journey and please share your stories in the comments!



13 thoughts on “How I Rock the “No-Poo” Do

    1. Thanks! I’ve been just using water now for a little over 3 weeks, used the baking soda option for about 2 months before switching to just water. I started off slowly so I could effectively maintain my hair’s cleanliness (and let my body adjust). It’s all about customizing the “grooming” routine to your needs and time constraints, so please let me know how it goes for you, would love to hear how you make the switch!!

      1. I’ve always been reluctant because I’ve got short hair. I use a chemical free shampoo bar now from a UK company called Lush. I’d like to try but might wait till summer.

  1. Thank you for sharing this at Natural Thursdays! I pinned it a hope you come back this week, it opens at 5:30 🙂


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  3. When you use the baking soda mix that you refer to, when feeling grimy, what do you add with it? You briefly mentioned staying away from the apple cider vinegar as it could attract flies.

    1. Hi There! I don’t add anything but a baking soda and water mix, when I do decide I need it. I find that ACV dries my hair out, beyond the “ew” factor of growing fruit flies, so I tend to not use it!! We have really hard water where we are so my hair has enough to contend with without the additional acid. That said, each person has their own pH level (up to a point, we all are very similar) so you might find adding ACV will help. I suppose it also depends on hair type (course, thin, straight, curly, produce more oils or tend to be dryer) The hardest part of all this is taking the time to find out what your body would do naturally without shampoo intervention! Hope this helps ❤

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