Thrifty Cloth Diapering

So one thing my husband and I knew we wanted to try out once our first child was born was cloth diapers. We were on a pretty tight budget and I had barely any time to properly research which kinds we wanted to use, having just moved. Apparently for not being mainstream, there are literally dozens of designs and methods to choose from. I felt more than a little overwhelmed.

Fortunately we have a local natural parenting store that provides an informational class and we attended.  Educating ourselves as best we could with the imminent arrival of our son, we went with prefolds. Over the next year or so we moved into One-Size pocket diapers and a couple AIOs. After various cloth diapering mishaps and educating ourselves along the way, a good number of our prefolds have bit the dust (granted they were gently used to begin with) and are now handy rags used around the house.


All this is to say I’ve had to become inventive about ways to replace our stash and not spend a bundle since our upfront costs have already been doled out, and I refuse to let this cost more than conventional diapering…refuse. So, fortunately for me I have that natural parenting store in the area that takes back gently used diapers (where we originally purchased our diapers) and I scour their selections for good deals, usually finding a bumGenius for around $13-$16, one even at $10, which made me giddy! However, I am here to say I found $1 diapers in perfectly good condition, except the elastic around the legs had detached.


I got it in my head that I would repair these diapers, which can be done, and revel a bit about getting to use $2 diapers on my kids! So I purchased five of these $1 diapers, with one also needing it’s velcro replaced and set out to get the repair kits that can be purchased from the manufacturer (10 kits for $15). I waited dutifully for a week and they arrived.

So last night, while watching West Wing on netflix (no judging), I took a safety pin and threaded the elastic back through the leg gusset to re-attach it. Now, this sounds a lot easier than it actually is to do, and I have the sore fingers to prove it, but after about an hour of “one step forward two steps back” progress, getting a flashlight to put under the diaper to see the elastic through the cloth and lots of finger pricks, I got it through and attached. Bam!DSC_0363

DSC_0359Whew! Now only four left to go and some velcro to replace and I’ve got just-like-new diapers. I definitely plan to let my fingers recover, maybe even devise a better strategy for getting at that elastic, before tackling the next diaper (plus more West Wing of course!).

What’s you’re thrifty cloth diaper story? Please share in the comments!


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