A New Year and a New Something or Other…

Well happy New Year! It’s been a busy few weeks for this family, driving 12 plus hours down the east coast to visit my parents and in-laws. I can honestly say I despise those car rides, C. is still too young to understand why she is in a car seat for so long (think screaming baby) and J. happily watches Curious George, but usually needs help with his shoes, or blanket, or some other such thing every 30 minutes it feels like. Meanwhile, I’m in the passenger seat turned backwards trying to solve the latest crisis…exhausting work, all happening at 70 MPH, in an itty-bitty space. I don’t thrive on that at all and I am so completely thrilled that it is over! My husband seems immune, and I truly wish I could adopt that ability to tune the kids out, but I just can’t. Must be a mommy thing.

Anyway, over the break we had, I have been thinking non-stop about this blog and what I want it to be in my life. I’ve also taken the time to ponder more on this life my family lives and how we can strategically get to where we want to be, financially, physically, mentally, spiritually…you get the idea. I don’t really have any of those answers right now, after all life is a journey that can’t be fully mapped out, but I figure I better start writing and making time in my life to put thoughts into words or they will slip away into the abyss and never be recovered. So bear with me as I have a word purge and spill some lingering thoughts from the past couple weeks.

Some of that “new year” thinking naturally centered around new year’s resolutions and what I want mine to be. So, don’t judge but I actually haven’t fully chosen mine yet. I get kind of annoyed with the idea that the new year is the time everyone attempts to make a positive change in their life, and usually not small changes but huge, lifestyle changes that are way out of sync with how life currently is being lived. It rubs me all wrong. Perhaps I’m more of a “slow and steady” type of person. Regardless, the resolutions I’ve been contemplating involve eating better, maybe including a salad with meals, and actually reading a book instead of watching television (my husband and I are huge enablers when it comes to watching tv…truly it’s terrible!), maybe even going for a walk. All of these I’ve been attempting to do throughout the year but now it seems like a good time to double down and actually try.  I also want to be more creative, use my hands to make something, perhaps quilting? Who knows…the point is I want to see tangible results to how I use my time. I think it would be immensely satisfying plus making things in part of the self-sufficient way of living, so it fits nicely into that life goal. I’ll definitely be reporting back on that quilt, or curtains or who knows and let you know how that turns out!

What are some of your resolutions? Let me know! Trust me, mine aren’t mind blowing, so no judging here!


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