Fancy Fridays #2

Well my weekly posts are going to be more like bi-weekly, and not always on Fridays, so pardon me as I figure out a good blogging schedule! Just seems to be more practical at the moment and in light of the following post, better for helping me focus on the basics in my family’s life.

In between last Fancy Friday and this post here, I have been doing a lot of reflection on my family’s life and what I hope to accomplish as a mother, wife and woman in this world. It’s been a great journey of moving out of the working world and into the life of motherhood and all of it’s glorious challenges. I can’t say I expected this life, but then who can expect what their life will be fully, until it’s happened! If you want to read a blog related to homemaking, that’s articulated many thoughts I’ve had bubbling in my head,  go here, it’s worth it!

As for this Fancy Friday, it was all about getting back to basics of family living and home management. Joe could tell you that the last trimester of pregnancy and first couple months after C.’s birth I had no energy, zero desire to move and accomplish anything. I also had been a bit more lax about our groceries and other household duties, opting for convenience not practicality. I’m not saying that I need to be on top of these activities all the time, but things were definitely grinding at a slower pace around here and I do believe it was starting to cause stress for the whole family.

Well a week ago or so, it all came back. Attribute it to hormones or whatever the case may be but I feel fully energized (for the most part) and have been feeling a huge desire to get things back in shape and order. I got our closets in shape for winter and put our summer clothing away, while managing to transform C.’s room from storage room with semi-functional changing table, to mostly a baby’s room, with some lingering clothing lying around waiting to be put up. I’ve been gradually getting many household chores and other items back to a more reasonable schedule (hurray clean clothes!), with some alterations to make room for C. During this process I have come to realize more what my role in this family is, as a mother, wife and woman and perhaps when time permits I can delve into that more. However, I also realized getting back to the basics and building my family up is probably one of the most productive processes I could go through at this point, for everyone involved.

This journey into motherhood has been a softening experience for me and I did not always see myself being a mother or being one so early in life, but that’s a story for another time. Nor did I see myself being a home maker, but I’d like to think coming to this fairly recent revelation of the value of my role in home management and family living has been a pretty good Fancy Friday feat for now.

~Until Next Time~

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