Fancy Fridays

With not much time left in the day that is Friday I’m sticking to writing a post once a week (at least) and I find that this blog is fulfilling a role that helps me think in a reflective manner as well as share about the adventures of my life. Now if only I could remember all these adventures!

This is my first Fancy Friday update. Why Fancy Friday? Well besides the fact that it’s catchy, an alliteration and that Fridays are always celebrated by those in the working world, it’s my day to spice up my life and that of my family’s. To make things a bit more fancy and fun, exciting and different. My husband doesn’t work on Fridays since Sunday is a workday for him, so technically it’s our Saturday but I get an extra set of hands and any momma out there know’s how great that is!

This week’s Fancy Friday Feat was all about being bold and spicing up my life as a SAHM and budding business owner. Joe worked today, and I had the kids, so when he got back the idea came up for me to get out for a couple hours with just C. So I did and it was the best thing! Ever!

I haven’t been too open about my new business until now. I figure it must be some inherent thing inside me that I can’t quite shake but I just don’t like to get in people’s faces about myself and what I’m up to. It’s one thing to talk about my life and family with friends, but my business, that feels to pushy. Today I broke that barrier down! Gone. Vanished..albeit with shaky hands, but gone all the same. So I walked right up to someone, who was radiant and talked to her about my business as a Mary Kay Independant Beauty Consultant. It went better than I had hoped, and in the end I couldn’t figure out why I was so hesistant. I mean, the worst that could happen is someone say “no.” I’ve heard this so many times but I’m one who learns by doing it myself and not always from listening (just ask my mom sometime).

So there it is my bold and fear-conquering action tonight and I feel ready to take on the next steps in growing this business. Who knows where it will go but I certainly am excited to see and to have this wonderful opportunity while getting to stay home with my kids.

~ Until Next Time ~

One thought on “Fancy Fridays

  1. That is a really neat idea having “Fancy Friday!” So cool! πŸ˜€ Ok I think since you and Emily have been blogging I should do a post today too. πŸ˜› I need motivation and this could be it! I'm glad you are getting braver promoting yourself–that is going to help you a lot and it's something I still have a horribly hard time doing! πŸ˜€

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