A Little Bit of This… A Little Bit of That

For well over the past two weeks I’ve been writing multiple blog updates in my head and have written zero. Time has been at a premium lately and frankly most of the thinking I actually achieve occurs as I am getting ready for bed, or folding laundry, feeding C. or other tasks that generally mean I’m not at the computer typing. So now for a brief moment (dare I even type it…) both kids are sleeping and I’m taking the chance to write these ideas down and tinker with the look of the blog!

As many now know, our little girl, C., blessed us with her presence on Aug. 2nd at 7:10 pm and was a whopping 8 lb 4 oz (ok so that’s big for a girl my size!). She had to stay at the hospital for roughly a week due to ABO Incompatibility Jaundince and then was able to come home afterwards. C. is now perfectly healthy and growing like a weed at 13lbs. We have had her in 3 month clothing for the past month and she eats All. The. Time!

Life with two kids has definitely had it’s challenges but it’s also not been as horrible as so many people decided to inform Joe or myself about before her birth. Put simply, I haven’t found the horrible side. Seeing how J. has stepped into a big brother role (not that he’s aware of this) and how he dotes on his sister, bring her a paci, blanket, or running through the house saying “uh oh baby…mommy…uh oh!” when C. is crying just to make sure I heard her, is priceless. J. also is not aware that his sister has inherited the Mazzawi lungs, so hearing her or him for that matter is not a hard thing to do.

As usual, I try to carve out the time and now energy to write in this blog, just to update everyone on how the kiddos are doing. So my hope is to do so roughly once a week. Let’s see if I can make it happen, but in the mean time here ae some pictures!

~Until Next Time~

3 thoughts on “A Little Bit of This… A Little Bit of That

  1. Yay for updates! Don't be surprised if they are more sporadic but I'd love to read from you once a week! (I am horrible at blogging!) Can't believe it's been 2 months! Can't wait to meet her in person finally!

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