November …What!

Wouldn’t you know it’s November already! I blinked and three months just went by, but with pretty good reason. On J.’s birthday, a few hours before we hosted a party with friends, I got a call from the company, Finger Lakes Land Trust, I had applied to work for and found out I got the job!

Naturally I was pretty eager to jump in, so I started mid-September. Joe’s work has been keeping the same breath-taking pace that school semesters tend to have. Evening events, working long Sundays and the impromptu thing here or there that leaves us jumping a bit. So when I started, there was a ton of negotiating our schedules, but what made it easier was getting a second car. Love love that car! Drive is very smooth, and we both jump at the chance to drive it. Anyway, we also negotiated who drove the car and when.

 Regardless, we finally have come to something that works wonderfully and we are convinced that only God could have provided us such a perfect circumstance for where we are at right now. I really wanted this job, it’s part-time, great work experience and in a field I care about, and after much waiting found out I did get it. We also needed a second car, since having just one was barely working and you never know when the one we have will kick the bucket. We just weren’t sure how we’d pay for that and daycare, since part-time work doesn’t always justify the cost of childcare. Again, God steps in and through a friend, J. is taken care of on Wednesdays. Then, Joe’s new boss gives Joe the flexibility to work from home on Thursdays or in the office with J., and Joe is already off on Fridays. Voila, very little daycare expenses and car payment covered within our comfort level, and even saving more than we expected! God is good!

So that’s our situation as it stands now. September is a bit of a blur, possibly due to adjusting and doing little else but playing catch-up. October was busy and fun as well. We went to a pumpkin patch and also a halloween party for the moms club here. Also attended a friends halloween party, where we dressed as the Flintstones (photo is still MIA, but we’re looking). I went to a clothing swap with the moms club, which was really fun, and got J. some nice clothing as he grows.

Joe has been working on a student leadership team for Cornell’s Catholic Community and it looks like it’s coming together well now. He hasn’t been able to stop talking about the possibilities for the upcoming spring semester, so we shall see! I’ve been knee deep in data entry and events, which is fine and I’m learning as much as I can from those who have been in the office longer, so hopefully I’ll start to be given more responsibility as they feel more confident in my abilities. J., of course, is busy trying to walk without holding onto anything, responding to our requests, being stubborn as anything about food and in general exploring the finer things in life such as opening and closing doors (any and all doors) as often as he can.

Last but not least, Thanksgiving is right around the corner (next week in fact) and family is coming into town. We are really looking forward to it, delicious turkey, warm pies and cider (tummy is grumbling again!) While we won’t be with all our family, we’ll be keeping you in our prayers and hearts!

~ Until next time ~

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