The past couple months

So it occurred to me not too long ago that it’s been a couple months since I put anything up on the blog…oops! Anyway, in that time we’ve been running around here, painted our bedroom (finally!), fixed some drywall issues, got the garden in shape (plenty of zucchini, squash and other veggies to keep us full) and traveled. Somewhere in there, Joe got sick, J. got sick and I got sick too, so that made things fun. Just to top off the summer crazies, Joe had a retreat and classes at Cornell have begun…again.

First time in the pool in the backyard.

I guess I should start at the beginning, or at least where I left off last time. July went by almost as quickly as August. We spent the first half of the month wrapping up painting and drywall repairs of our bedroom and getting the garden fully up and running. We have had great success this year with starting from seed, and will most likely do so again next growing season. Up until now we have harvested broccoli, zucchini, yellow squash, peas, carrots, green beans, an onion, a few tomatoes and lots of potatoes. There has been lettuce, kale, arugula, and swiss chard as well to add to our greens mix! The garden is starting to wind down, as our temperature cools in the evening are in the mid to low 50’s at times. Our highs are still in the 80’s on occasion but Fall is definitely around the corner (more on that in a bit).

By the middle of July we were heading out of town to NC, and some friends graciously offered to water our garden and look after the chickens! We were in NC for just about a week, maybe a day more, visiting family and friends. We visited Joe’s parents and had an evening to ourselves on the coast to celebrate our 3rd year in marriage. It was a great time and we had willing babysitters so why not!! Then my parents came into town, for J.’s first birthday party even though J.’s first birthday is August 31st. It was a blast, he ate cake and stared at the balloons like they were aliens, jaw hitting the floor and all. With everyone so spread out we were so thankful that our family could all be present for this celebration. Then we went to Raleigh and caught up with some old friends. It is never really long enough but we try to fit everything into just a few hours because, at least to me, it’s better than nothing at all. From Raleigh, we went to Asheville, to see my grandparents. They too hosted a birthday part for J., and my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Brent made it out to join us. It was really nice to see them all since the last time was just for 2 days at my cousin’s wedding!

“Whoa…what’s this Daddy?”

By the end of July we were on our way back home, and J. was an angel in the car by the way! We stopped overnight somewhere in Virginia and had to put a comforter over J.’s pack’n’play so we could still be up and doing things. This actually worked but had the bathroom been big enough we would have put him in there and closed the door….yay traveling with youngsters! Fortunately we got back to the house with daylight to spare so we were able to unpack, and get J. down in his bed by his bedtime.

My Family

Then somewhere in the midst of getting back into our routine and catching up with friends it was August! Now August has really gone by fast and I mean whoa….FAST. I had an interview on the 31st of July, Joe was prepping for the beginning of the school year and a couple of weeks into August J. got sick with HF&M (Hand Foot and Mouth…different from Foot & Mouth). A few days after the fever left, Joe had an overnight retreat to attend and I got sick, with the same thing it turns out, and the fever was the worst for me. Later on I find out it’s really really improbable that I should have gotten this from J. so the stars were aligned just right (wonderful…..). Plus Joe and I always joke that I tend to get sick right as he is heading out the door for something, so now we joke no more and yes this is slight paranoia. Fortunately this didn’t last long but then it was already the end of August and here we are. Now I am waiting for feed back on a second interview at the same place, Joe is in full swing minister mode and has many programs and events coming up. J. is continually learning more about his world and always trying to walk.

That’s the past couple months… in a much detail as I can recall, and you probably care to read about! Photos are below.

Until next time….Enjoy!

J.’s Great Grandparents.


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