Carolina and Beaches

I have some time while the baby is sleeping to actually start this post (miracle!) and yes my titles are creative…just very to the point and foreshadowing (might I add).

Anyway, we returned from a whirlwind tour of Central and East North Carolina about two months ago now. J. and I were there for about 10 days, and Joe was there on the weekends, flying to and from Ithaca so he could work during the week. Our first 12 hour drive to NC was done during the night, and J. slept most of the way. While he slept we struggled to sleep while the other was driving and then switched. It is an experience that we can say we tried but will probably never do again unless necessary. While I enjoyed driving in the cool foggy morning of the south my eyes were not a fan of being dry and tired. So we arrived on Thursday morning in Jacksonville, NC and promptly dropped the kiddo into the grandparents arms and passed out (for 3 blissful hours) upstairs.

The first graduation was that Friday, and after resting all of Thursday we felt ready for the long day ahead. David was the first to graduate and this graduation was from the East Carolina University. We went, we photographed, we ate and we left. Joe stayed behind to fly out the next day and head back to Ithaca.It was so nice he could hang out with the boys (Thomas and David) and relax a bit. Joe’s flight left at 2 pm and he didn’t get in to Ithaca until 12 AM, so he was wiped out. Since I had the car Fr. Dan picked Joe up and gave him a ride. My side of the evening after the graduation is a little different. We left Greenville, NC around 9 pm and it takes roughly 2 hours to get back to Jacksonville, and towards the end Jacob was waking up every 5 minutes or so crying. I think he was sick of being in a car seat after so long the day before.

We had Saturday and Sunday to adjust before heading to the beach house on Monday. Also Jeannette was not working on the weekend so we got to hang out a bit as well. We got our nails done (which I promptly chipped) and cleaned the cars really well. Ran some errands and played Rummikub at night, totally kicking butt!

We stayed at the beach until Thursday, and I finally got some color on my skin. It’s amazing how pale I’ve become over the past couple years, and I keep moving north so the odds are not looking good for my tan. J. handled the beach really very well and thanks to my awesome mother-in-law, Hedi, I was able to get away and enjoy the beach. I played Bocci ball with Thomas and David and just relaxed, looking for sharks teeth. Overall a great trip! Then we headed back to the house, recovered for a day before Joe flew into Raleigh and I visited some friends on Saturday, then met up with everyone again. We stayed overnight in a hotel and then on Sunday Thomas graduated form UNC. We went to the large graduation and then the smaller one, with a reception in-between so that people could eat, and check out the business school building. On Sunday, Joe and I hopped in the car and drove back. It was a long drive, but J. handled it well until the last two hours where he cried off and on, no matter WHAT I did (talk about headache for the parents!)

Anyway, as I’m finally getting around to updating this blog, 2 months after the trip, it’s obvious that I’ve been busier than usual. I never thought I’d be so tied up with a kid (naive right?) Well I was before, but now I know, plus we are finally getting into a reliable routine, which helps tremendously in being able to count on nap times and bed times.

Regardless, a couple updates for the month of June.  J. is teething again, and 3 teeth are coming in, a third one on the bottom and the first two teeth on the top. So, we haven’t been getting as much sleep, but things are going well and he is handling it better this time around. Joe and I are fixing up our bedroom. If you know nothing of our house, know this at least…the people before us couldn’t do any repairs really well. So we have slowly been making our way around the house fixing dry-wall, punching in nails, repairing tile grout, etc. It keeps us fairly preoccupied, which is partly due to my busier summer. I’ve also joined the Mom’s Club board, and we’ve started to get a real social life again (hurray!)

Yep, I think that covers my very short summary of June, and hopefully, despite our trip to NC in July, I’ll have a timely update here and will also eventually, get my garden blog off the ground….(might be hoping for a while yet) So hope everyone is doing well in the world, and enjoying summer. See you back here in a month, potentially less?!


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