April showers bring….snow

So here is the monthly update! I keep meaning to do this more often but time just slips away, so I’ll attempt to recap as much as I can, and mostly the big stuff.

On April 8th, Easter, J. was baptized with another baby during mass. A lot of family and some friends came to town to support us and see J.. I wasn’t sure our house would hold everyone (all 17 of us) but we magically made it work. Plus the weather held out so people could sit on the deck and open up some seating inside. Both sets up J.’s grandparents were here, his aunt and uncles (now godparents) and other relatives plus some friends (shout out to Alissa and Nancy!) After everyone left that weekend, Jeannette stayed behind with us for a week.

We went to a few parks, ran errands, showed off Cornell’s campus, the surrounding beautiful areas and just hung out at the house. It was a really good time, just catching up, burning up some logs on the fire pit at night and drinking IPAs (which apparently give a nice buzz after just drinking 2 bottles…whoa!) Also that week after J.’s baptism, he had a fever for 2 days, and one of those nights it got up to 104. It freaked me out, to be honest, and I was on the phone with the pediatricians’ hotline just to see what we needed to do if we hadn’t done it already. Fortunately, J.’s temp went down quickly after the Tylenol and we kept an eye on him the rest of the night. He got over the fever and had 1 day of peace before he broke out in a rash, head to toe (poor thing) and was somewhat more irritable and clingy because of it. He finally got over the rash the day Jeannette left. Thankfully for all of us J. was enjoyable most of her stay, so she could spend time with her nephew and I got a much needed break to at least run around and straighten up the house.

After Jeannette left, Joe, J. and I had a pretty normal week, just trying to adjust to the 3 of us again. We had a couple days that week together before Joe traveled to Harvard for a ministry meeting. J. and I could have gone, but decided after having so many people at the house, the two of us just needed to stay behind. Plus that coming weekend (once joe got back) we had plants to put in the ground and the Relay for Life to go to. So I wanted to make sure we both weren’t too tired.

The following week (last week) was the week we all finally got back on schedule! Also, J. got his two bottom teeth, at the same time so we didn’t get much sleep the monday night of last week. Plus we got that heavy spring snow storm, which took out many branches and trees in town. We escaped without damage and are still thanking God for that. But back to J.’s teeth…they are there and taking foooorrevver to come up all the way. I guess this is normal from what other mom’s I’ve spoken to have said, but it’s a very miserable thing to watch. J. is drooling more (if that’s possible) and is chewing on everything is sight. He has taken up screaming again when he chews, partly because he likes the sound of his voice, but also out of frustration. So I think my hearing is suffering these days… yay (read not enthused.)

Now, for this week…We’ll be traveling to NC starting Thursday. We plan to go all the way but we’ll see how far we really get before fatigue gets us and we are wiped out. Plus thinking an 8 month old baby will sit for 12 hours off and on is just a dream I’m sure. So Joe’s brothers are graduating a week apart and we’ll be there for both graduations, however Joe is flying back after David’s, working for the week in Ithaca, and then flying down to NC again for his brother Thomas’ graduation. Then…we drive back (dun dun dun.) It’s going to be a bit hellish, but it’s family so it’s worth it. J. will also get to see the beach for the first time, spend a good amount of time with Joe’s parents since they only saw him for 2 days in April, and last but not least see what warm weather feels like (70-80 degree temps here we come!)

Last but not least, J. turned 8 months today! I mean…8 months! Time is just going by so quickly, and he is sitting, standing (with help) as well as trying to walk (with help). Crawling remains a constant frustration, but he rolls before he usually gets to the point of crying, so that’s good. He can entertain himself more, so I can eat lunch in peace, get the mail really quickly, etc. He also makes the cutest humming sounds…so you know he is his fathers son because he is already singing! What else…racking my brain trying to recall a month’s worth of memories..a bit foggy in there (no mommy brain). Well, this just is more motivation to try and write more often.

Hopefully our summer will prove less intense, since Joe will be on more of a 9-5 schedule, and J. will be getting more mobile, so hopefully more entertained and tired at the end of the day for bed (sleeping through the night would be a nice development!) Anyway, I think that is just about everything. I could go into our garden and chickens, but not much is happening yet, they are just there. Updates will follow about that if anyone is interested.

Here are the pictures (also, we’ll be putting up a picasa album for those who want to see all of the photos, once we sort them)




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