Spring and Chickens!

We are just around the corner to J. turning 7 months old! It’s still hard to believe time has gone by this quickly. Today, Joe and I discussed putting the Jolly Jumper away today since J. has started using the walker more and has even started to “walk” in it. So we moved to put him in it and get one more picture of J. in the Jolly Jumper (tear) and Joe turns to me after J. is in it and says “it can stay just a little longer.” I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who is sappy about these things and missing our little baby who seems to be more of a boy every day.

So as an ode to the Jolly Jumper – J. through the months:

6 Months 3 Weeks

5 Months 1 Week

4 Months 2 Weeks

3 Months 2 Weeks
“I will CRAWL!”

“Whaa…you talking to me??”

Otherwise, things have been fairly busy here. Joe has been preoccupied with Lent activities at Cornell, and J. kept me equally occupied. We have been running around with the MOMS club here in town, had a couple doctor’s appointments, and still waiting for the first tooth to make it’s appearance. J. has been busy trying to crawl, but no real forward movement yet. He mainly goes backwards or rolls over! We also had a visit from Joe’s brother David for his spring break (still need to get photos from him.) He was really very helpful, worked on some drywall and painted our office from a neon yellow to a light beige for that “airy” feel (we have really small rooms so airy is needed!) We spent evenings by the fire pit just chatting it up and having a beer or two.

“What’s your problem… we’re eating over here”

Joe: “Hey Hon….” J.: “we’re related?”

 On the home front, we have gotten 6 little chicks we are raising to eventually get eggs, and have started a number of different seeds indoors to begin planting next month. Last week was especially productive for our garden and just getting things ready for spring. We had 70 and 80 degree temps, more like summer weather for here I’ve been told and this weather combined with Joe being home for spring break (which he thankfully was able to take off) we knocked out some things. Got the raised beds set, and started weeding the beds around the house and mulching. We only manged to mulch a couple beds at this point before time ran out and I just don’t have time to do it by myself so…..weekend projects!

The upcoming month of April is proving to be very busy and in fact the next couple months look to be so busy I’m sure I’ll blink and they’ll be gone. In April, J. is getting baptized on Easter, so my mom is coming into town on Monday, and family/friends from both sides will be coming in starting the Friday after. Jeannette, my sister-in-law, will be staying with us the week after J.’s baptism. Then we will have about 3 weeks or so until we pack up and head down to NC for David’s and Thomas’ college graduation (I still remember them in HS…wow!)

So here is the monthly update (still attempting to get that down to a weekly thing, but we’ll see) and all it’s fun pics and details.

Until next time!


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