Getting out of the hole…

J. officially turned 6 months yesterday, which of course is very exciting for all of us since he is really starting to be more aware of more things everyday. This of course makes my job more interesting, but that’s a side note to this post anyway (so another time!).

Joe and I were talking yesterday how we have finally emerged from the “hole”, what we have dubbed the “becoming a parent, moving to a new town and buying a house” condition. We realize we took on at least 3-4 major life changes in the course of just a few months, and thus we entered a “hole” where we were just surviving. We literally knew 3-4 people by the time we moved to here from DC. Joe’s boss, our birth instructor and our realtor. Needless to say we didn’t have a lot going on here, and once J. was born, wow…we really were isolated, and not to mention broke!

Despite this, we have climbed out, met some amazing people along the way (while discovering just how not alone we really are) and are finally feeling at home, not just in a physical sense but emotionally and spiritually as well. We are no longer just surviving, but starting to thrive. Our budget is finally at a point we are happy with, our house is cozy and mostly settled (minus some painting and a few repairs), we actually have a small social life (nudge to the slaughters) and last but not least I have discovered blogging. A place where I can rant, rave and share with distant family and friends what is going on in our lives here in central NY.

So that being said, I’m altering this blog’s purpose slightly, at first I figured I’d just use it to update family and any interested friends about J.’s accomplishments, actions and general life. However, there is soooo much more going on in my head and in my life than just him (not that I don’t love him, but come on, I need an outlet too!) and frankly writing is therapeutic as well. Joe has somewhat encouraged me in this move, since I was considering setting up a separate blog for just thoughts, but that can be difficult to maintain since it took me nearly a month to get this one updated. I figure anyone who is interested in checking out how J. is, might just be slightly interested in the context that makes up his small but growing world (including his mommy’s thoughts etc.)

In light of this change in purpose I decided to change the background of the blog, from winter (which actually never came this year) to a spring/summer theme. Joe and I love nature, hiking, gardening and generally anything that has to do with the outdoors. So it fits, plus we just ordered some plants from Tompkins county soil and water and are very excited! Can anyone say berries and flowers, yay!

Hope you all enjoy it, and the slightly spiced up look. I’ll be back with a hopefully more balanced and integrated post that includes J. too (with photos and maybe a video or two?).

Hope everyone has a great weekend that’s coming up!


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