Moving on UP

So, I kept meaning to update the blog and then, as usual, life got the better of my plans and took over. It’s been roughly a month since the last update and J. has certainly thrown a few curve balls since then.

He’s been actively teething and in real discomfort for a couple weeks now, which translates to little sleep for all three of us. He still hasn’t got his first tooth though, so we are eagerly awaiting it’s debut so we can breathe easy for a little while at least. He is also the happy stander, and loves to stand on his two feet any chance we offer him. He hasn’t pulled up yet, but he does enjoy being held by his hands in a standing position and “walking” around the living room. He picks up his feet and places them down like walking but I’m pretty sure he hasn’t figured out that he is walking just yet.

He is also turning 6 months tomorrow! It’s so hard to believe. I was talking to my mom today and was telling her how I barely recall the first few weeks after he was born. We have really enjoyed getting to know this little kid though and everyday he shows us a little more of his personality. Here are just a few photos from the past month with captions:

Just at 5 months old, having some fun on the floor!

Trying to feed himself, or at least chewing on the spoon.

More fun with the spoon.

Tummy time, with a wooden spoon.

About a week into J.’s active teething, Joe has fallen asleep on the floor, and J. takes the opportunity to grab his daddy’s nose.
J. found the lid to the shape’s box more interesting and chewable.

I placed him at the table and he held on. Next stop, walking?

First the spoon goes over the side…

Then he attempts to throw the bowl over… luckily I caught it in time but wow, he’s getting quick!

Mmmm…water, first time from a sippy cup. This was today, the 28 of February.


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