The Life of a baby boy

Jacob is finally and officially on a schedule! Let me just be the first to say that it’s wonderful (and while I mentioned this in the last post, there are some updates.) Now, shortly after I exclaimed (with joy) at Jacob sleeping well at night and taking naps during the day, this of course changed. He is still going to bed for the night relatively well, but naps were just not working for us, especially in the morning. After a few frustrating days of no morning naps and a grumpy baby who refused (with a vengeance) to take an afternoon nap, we decided we needed to feed him some more rice and prunes. So we have started this and he takes a short nap in the morning, but of course nothing is stable for long, since this is already shifting from the beginning of this past week (hmmmm….). He sleeps well for naps when he does sleep,  and for roughly an hour at a time, although they are shortening again. He also sleeps from 7-8 pm at night until 3 am and then up at 6:30-7:00 am for the day.

He’s eating just prunes and Joe is feeding him. He’s got this stare down pat by the way.

So in about 1 1/2 weeks J. will be 5 months old and I just can’t believe time has gone by that quickly (and yes most of it has been a blur.) However, here are a few images of our time since we’ve gotten home.

I snapped this photo right as he looked like he would try to roll over. Didn’t happen but still, he’s almost there!

 It’s also really hard to believe even a few weeks ago he couldn’t lift himself up quite like this. When he does this his little legs start moving, but he hasn’t figured out how to get his knees under him yet. He either does his knees or his arms, never at the same time.

He’s just being sweet here. He has spent plenty of time trying to get his rattle into his mouth and chew on it (rather successfully i might add).

 Enjoying his jolly jumper, as usual!

Other than J.’s daily “grind” we finally got snow. Joe has been bouncing around the place with excitement, and I’ve just enjoyed staying indoors. Snow is fun for a while, but then after that I really don’t care for it (sorry Joe!).

We also had a dinner party to go to this past Friday, and I was really ready for it, to talk with some adults, and eat a good meal with some new friends. However, earlier in the day we had gone to the dentist (both of us) and that went well, but on our return a car door was accidentally left open (leaving a light on) and the battery died. So when we were ready to leave (after J. had a meltdown, so we were already running a bit behind) Joe heads out to start the car. It doesn’t turn over and for those of you who know, we only have one car! So I was really starting to get concerned as we tried and tried again.

The dinner started around 5:30 and after Joe traipsed around to a few houses a neighbor came over roughly around 6:30, and jumped our car. I’m SO glad that was what was wrong and nothing more serious. Could you imagine!? (Well I did and it was not pleasant) So we missed the dinner, and stayed home but were thoroughly wiped from J.’s meltdown earlier in the evening and then working on the car in …get this….17 degrees F. Yup that was fun. So the car is good, and J. survived, as for us, we slowly recovered (perhaps we still are).

Anyway, that was about all the exciting news of the past week or so. Hope everyone is staying warm, safe and well!


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