At Last…

We’re back … (in Ithaca at least)! After our journey around the southeast and west Joe and I took a big breath and enjoyed being back in our house (we even went to Joe’s favorite grocery store….Wegmans). J., the trooper he is, was so exhausted he went to sleep with no trouble that first night and Joe and I got some much needed sleep.

After being back for a couple of days we got to see the infamous snow people keep talking about, but it barely even covered the ground, so….. we are still waiting. We’ve also really enjoyed catching up on the Big Bang Theory. We just started watching this TV series maybe a couple months ago. If you haven’t seen it…you should!

Also, we’ve finally been able to get J. on a schedule. Early on he would eat when he needed, sleep when he could and we tried to accommodate, but no schedule seemed to be forming. It was really starting to wear the both of us down, a lot. However, when we got back, and him being a month older, we were able to start setting a schedule and it’s be amazing! We have evenings again…I mean a whole two or three hours… (and I smile as I say this) we can even watch the TV without subtitles. Yes, for all who have not met our very vocal child, we watch TVwith subtitles, without which we would not even have the semblance of a life.

Ok so we do have a life besides J. and TV…promise! We met with a recently married couple the other night and got to know them a little better. They both are new to Ithaca as well, and had lived in Philadelphia prior to moving here. I’m also hoping to get together with another couple we met a little while ago, who have an 8 month old son. It’s really nice to get together with people who are in the same stage of life, it makes relating to each other all the easier.

In closing, and before I write a novel, it occurred to Joe and I that we have already been here for 8 months. We think it is highly likely that we will be here for a while, and we are making the best of that reality by meeting new people and making friends. Please pray for us as we work on establishing a community here and as I, in the next few months, start looking for part-time employment to keep me sharp and sane!

P.S. We really enjoyed getting to see family and friends on our trip. Here are just a few mementos from our journey 🙂

Joe’s Family 🙂
Great Aunt Laura and Great Grandma Rogers
Rob and Eliza’s son
J. asleep on GG
My mom feeding J.
My good friend Morgan and her son G.
Our friend Kathleen and her daughter J.
Teta-Teta with J.
Great-Aunt Tina
The boys 🙂

One thought on “At Last…

  1. This is great! It is nice to be able to read about how you guys are doing. Will be praying for a strong community to support you as you get used to life in Ithaca, as well as to support you both in marriage and parenting, and as you seek God's direction in part-time employment.

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