Let It Snow…Or Not…

So we have been in Ithaca, NY for 6 months now (hard to believe!) and Joe has for the last 3 weeks been talking none stop about snow. Anyone who knows Joe knows that he LOVES snow, but unfortunately we haven’t gotten any yet, except for a few flurries. In fact we’ve had beautiful weather, in the 50’s and 60’s at times, so we were able to finish patching and painting the siding on the house, clean up the backyard a bit and plant a few bulbs for the spring time blooms. We’ve asked plenty of people who have lived here for a while and they all have said that by now we should have gotten our first real snow. So I guess for now we will wait, but for me I say let the wait continue 🙂

In the next couple of weeks we will be going to NC to visit Joe’s parents in Jacksonville and we cannot wait to go. After an awesome and relatively relaxing Thanksgiving here in NY, we are ready to celebrate the holidays with family.

In fact we are traveling all over to see everyone and make sure J. gets to meet his family. We will be driving down to the Washington, D.C. on the 13th or 14th of December, and leave for Jacksonville, NC on the 16th. From there we will leave most likely on the 20th (might change to the 21st…) to spend some time with friends in Raleigh. On the 22nd we fly out to Harlingen, TX to spend Christmas with my parents, my mom’s parents, and aunt, uncle and cousin. After this we will be heading back to Raleigh on the 27th and from there we will be driving down to Atlanta to spend New Years with Joe’s Teta, aunt, uncle, cousins, parents and siblings. Finally after this (we aren’t done yet…) we will begin our drive back to NY, however along the way we will stop in Asheville, NC which is only 3 hours away, to visit with my dad’s parents for a day or two. From there we will drive all the way back to NY. Thankfully we have a few days to recover after this trip before Joe heads back to work. SIDE NOTE TO FAMILY: We will be doing this once, and then you can come visit us after (pretty please!) Just kidding, we will visit again but probably not all at once…whew!

Besides the crazy traveling we have coming up, J. turned 3 months (officially) this past wednesday! It’s hard to believe it’s been 3 months already and he has gotten so big. Just to compare, look at these two photos:
 Left (3 days old), Right (3 months old)

Anyway, to celebrate we did the usual things such as napping, and playing in the bumbo, and getting much needed man time, and running some errands:

We are finally starting to get into a rhythm, although J. can still be pretty fussy at times, at least he is more predictable than not. He is also sleeping through the night now, for the most part, and we could not be happier!


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