Catching Up

After a great suggestion by my mom, I finally decided to start up a blog about our son J. (which will include photos, and possibly video too!) and also our life in Ithaca, NY.

So a little catch up first…
We moved to Ithaca, NY in May 2011 when I was 6 months pregnant. Joe’s dad came to help us move into the apartment we rented for 2 months until we closed on the house we bought. We moved into our house on July 21st 2011 with some help from students at Cornell. It was a really hot day, over 100 degrees with no AC in the house so I didn’t stick around very long, but went to Barnes&Noble for a bit to cool down.

Joe worked really hard for the next few weeks, and with some help from Jeannette and myself we got the living room situated and painted. Over the next week or so I still unpacked and sorted through boxes until about the last week of August. I’m really glad we pushed through the move though, so that we could be ready for J.’s arrival on August 31st! He came about a week earlier than expected so we were really fortunate to be as settled as we were.

Last but not least, I went into labor the night before starting around 10 pm, with inconsistent contractions, so neither Joe or I thought it was the real deal until about an hour later when things really started moving and quick. Not long after we called the midwife I was at the point where we needed to get to the hospital. We got to the hospital around 1 am and I progressed very quickly from there, so quick in fact that I had no time for medication after we used the hot tub. Shortly after I got out of the hot tub, Joe and I went back to the delivery room and found I was fully dilated and ready to push. J. was born August 31st at 7:02 am, he was 7lbs 10 oz and was 20 inches long.

The first month after J. was born we had lots of visitors, my parents, Joe’s parents and Joe’s sister Jeannette. We really enjoyed having family in town to help and get us situated to our new role as parents. It was a big help to have extra hands to hold J. while I tried to recover and for when Joe went back to work! So thanks everyone 🙂

Over the last couple months I’ve been getting out and meeting some moms in the area. I’ve recently joined the MOMS club in Ithaca and met some awesome ladies. Really looking forward to getting to know them better and their kids.  I’m hoping that we’ll still get out as much as we have been once the weather really turns cold. The moms were telling me they try to get outside even for 20 minutes before turning in and getting a nice warm cup of coffee while the babies play. We shall see how that works out!

Finally here are some cute photos of J. at 3 months (he’ll be 3 months this Wednesday!)
I hope to add new updates and photos weekly, so wish me luck!


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